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Faith Case: The Beatitudes

Beatitudes, the third installment in this DVD-driven children’s church curriculum, features new characters Super Agent Man SAM, and cadets Alyana and Riley. These investigators-in-training, along with the help of SAM and the Commissioner, learn what living for God really looks like. 

This video-based children’s church curriculum, developed by children’s pastors, consists of nine fast-paced, easy-to-lead sessions. The kit comes complete with unforgettable videos, games, object lessons, Bible stories, song, and kid-friendly statements that make each lesson easy to remember. 

Each session takes an hour or more, not including time for announcements, offering, or worship time. 

Sessions include:

- Living for God
- Asking for Help
- Admitting My Sin
- Letting God Control Me
- Hungering for God
- Meeting Others’ Needs
- Keeping My Heart Clean
- Choosing Peace
- Doing What’s Right 

The kit has everything you need: 

Lead Investigator Guide (only 1 leader required!)
3 DVDs and a CD-ROM
Metal Briefcase
5 Case Folders
The Beatitudes Cards
The Beatitudes, by George O. Wood 

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