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Faith Case: Investigating the Truth

Turn your kids (ages 5-12) into investigators as they join the bumbling Mr. Trench and the no- nonsense Commissioner in search of 16 foundational truths—biblical doctrines that are vital to kids’ faith. This video-based children’s church curriculum, developed by children’s pastors, lets your kids discover what they believe and why. Twelve fast-paced, easy-to-lead sessions come complete with unforgettable videos, games, object lessons, Bible stories, and kid-friendly statements that make each truth a cinch to remember! 

Each session takes about an hour, but that does not include time for announcements, offering, or worship time. Some sessions offer altar time and all close in prayer. 

Sessions Include: 

• The Bible 
• One True God 
• The Trinity
• Salvation
• Water Baptism & Communion
• The Holy Spirit
• Baptism in the Holy Spirit
• Sanctification
• The Church
• Healing
• End Times
• Sharing Your Faith

The kit has everything you need: 

• Lead Investigator Guide (only 1 leader required!)
• 3 DVDs and a CD-ROM
• Metal Briefcase
• 5 Faith Fact Posters
• 5 Case Folders
• Bible Doctrines by P.C. Nelson 

Every session includes online videos at so your "investigators" can watch the unpredictable Mr. Trench and capable Commissioner updates again and again—also a great way to involve parents!