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MEGA Sports Camp- Heart of a Champion VBS Kit

Get kids in your community excited about sports AND Jesus at the same time!

At a MEGA Sports Camp VBS, churches report up to 90 percent guests and up to 20 percent of the kids ask Jesus into their lives. It’s action-packed, unforgettable, and life changing.

In MEGA Sports Camp HEART of a Champion, kids will discover how to become champions—both in sports and in their faith. They’ll enjoy action-packed sports training sessions mixed with rallies where you'll introduce kids to their true Champion—Jesus.

Preschool- and elementary-aged kids get moving with a mix of high-energy rallies, sports training, small groups, response times, and a whole lot of FUN. Bonus, a MEGA Sports Camp outreach makes it easy to reach kids in your community because EVERY kid loves to play! Not only that, but sports themes engage a whole new set of volunteers—dads, sports enthusiasts, and even teens!—who will be lining up to share their love of sports and Jesus.

Core kit includes:
Playbooks for soccer, basketball, preschool sports basics, and cheerleading (Available separately: volleyball, baseball, and flag football)
Director Guide
Preschool Bible Time Guide
Rally Guide including music and media for large group gatherings
Coach Huddle Guide for small group time
Flash Drive with music action videos, Rally Time PowerPoint presentations with videos, art for creating posters and banners and hundreds of printables
product samples; and more!