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Plugged In 5-Week DVD Curriculum By Doug Fields


As Christians, we're designed to be connected to God at all times--to be "plugged in" to the source. In this five-week, DVD-based small group curriculum, Doug Fields takes on the challenge of getting students interested and excited about staying connected to God. Every student is going to blaze an incredible path in their life, and this series will show them how they can be "plugged in" every step of the way--and the amazing difference it will make.
This kit includes everything you'll need, including DVD videos featuring Doug Fields, discussion guides, promotional materials, and more--everything you need to save you time while teaching five incredible lessons.

5 Lessons by Doug Fields:

  • Whatever You Do (Worship) - 10:06
  • The Mind of Christ (Discipleship) - 10:12
  • It’s Not an Individual Thing (Fellowship) - 10:14
  • Consume or Contribute (Ministry) - 9:44
  • Let It Shine (Evangelism) - 9:03

You'll get everything you need to run this as a small group: a DVD with Doug delivering the messages, thought-provoking discussion questions, and plenty more.