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Protégé: Developing Your Next Generation of Church Leaders By: Steve Saccone, Mark Batterson, Cheri Saccone


Have you as a leader ever wished for more hands-on development and mentoring from a ministry veteran? Wouldn't that kind of investment accelerate, deepen and intensify your leadership skills and impact?
God is raising up a generation of young ministry leaders--protégés--who need guidance in their calling to serve and lead people in the pursuit of God. These protégés need our help.

Steve Saccone has a history of being part of this calling to help the called. With over a decade of leadership development experience, he has, through God's help, catalyzed the growth and character of proteges around the globe.

In Protégé, Saccone shows how you can raise up leaders from within your own community and develop them into passionate, faithful servants of God. You will be personallychallenged to grow as you discover how to cultivate a culture of leadership development in your ministry.

In a sense we are all protégés who have much to learn and much to teach--and we can either help those who are behind us or seek help from those who are ahead of us. Along the way, we'll watch the kingdom grow in our midst.