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Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance: New Edition (Paperback) By: O. Garfield Jones

$14.61 $17.49

A unique, simplified, common-sense approach to rules for effective group leadership.

This practical manual:

  • is based on the latest Robert’s “Rules of Order”, neither changing nor superseding standard procedure;
  • enables anyone to use Robert’s “Rules” without memorizing the rules;
  • features the unique “split-page” Finder Index for in-meeting use to locate specific rules;
  • includes easy-reference questions-and-answer charts answering the eight basic aspects of every motion;
  • gives sound advice on chairmanship, classification and precedence of motions, amendment, proper phraseology, adjournment procedure, questions of privilege, points of order, appeals, parliamentary strategy, nominations and elections, duties of the secretary, recording the minutes;
  • contains all rules in common use governing the discussion and action of groups;
  • is indispensable for clubs, unions, fraternal orders, conventions, conferences, and all meetings and organizations where orderly progress of business calls for the use of parliamentary procedure.

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